My current project: getting my mind off of all the world’s problems

I am down about life in general right now, due in part to the awful news out of France this week but also due to awful cold weather around where I am. It has driven me right up the wall.

So I am doing my best to get my mind off of all that right now by watching the NBA. It’s Cleveland and Golden State, and even without LeBron James it is a good matchup.

So far, watching hoops is working fine for me. I sort of veered away from the NBA in recent years, but I am slowly but surely rediscovering it and reminding myself about what I liked about the sport to begin with. Among other things, it gets my mind off of winter, something hockey utterly fails at.

I usually also turn to comedy as a relief, but I suppose that will have to wait for another week or so because the news is getting in the way of the comedians right now. It was satirists, after all, who were the obvious target of the terror attack this week. Also, the controversy continues surrounding Bill Cosby and the rape allegations, as he was the target of protests this week as he chose southern Ontario for his comedy concert tour “comeback.”

Anyway, you cannot escape all the bad news by tuning in the comedians, it seems. Which is why I am watching the NBA right now instead of late night TV. I guess the news of the week from there was that Jimmy Fallon almost snared Nicole Kidman as a girlfriend, but blew it. Story here.

I did not get around to posting this earlier but I thought I would put up the video of Conan O’Brien and what he had to say about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, so I will end with that. Like I said, it’s been a somber week — maybe next week will feature more laughs. That is it for now.