PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is on!!

Well, today was the first day of action at the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure down in Nassau, Bahamas. The first day of the $100000 Super High Roller is over and you can read about the action here. Also, PokerStars is streaming the feature table at their site.

The whole thing lasts for a little while after this, until the 14th, so there is still plenty of action ahead to watch online. And that’s good, because I was sort of tuning in and out of the first day’s live stream and not really paying too much attention to it.

This is the first major poker event of 2015 and definitely a good way to kick off the year for the poker fans. It is arguably the most prestigious event on the European Poker Tour, even though the Bahamas is nowhere near Europe. It’s a bonus that the action is taking place in a warm, glamorous location at the Atlantis resort there, so that has me thinking again of winter getaway ideas.

Also, I’ve sort of made a new year’s resolution to try and get back into poker as far as actually playing it is concerned, so watching the live streams of this event ought to help with poker strategy and things like that. At least, I hope so, because my game needs all the help it can get.