There’s no escaping the snow — not even in Southern California or Nevada!!

I thought I would try to end the blog year on a more upbeat note than my bitter football rant.

There is no escaping the cold weather anywhere in North America, it seems, not even in the desert sun belt. Even normally warm places like southern California and the Las Vegas area are seeing cold and the white stuff from a winter storm. Well, I am very glad I didn’t book any “winter getaway” to these places for right now, otherwise I would be cursing what surely would be a waste of my money.

I actually was down in Las Vegas a couple of years ago during one of their rare cold snaps. The temperature dipped to the freezing mark and the weather people on TV were totally freaking out about it. Meanwhile, as someone used to winter temperatures about 30 degrees lower than that, I was just laughing at them. Fortunately, the cold only lasted one day and it never snowed at all, so it was still better weather than what we usually experience here in frozen Canada.

I hope Las Vegas and southern Nevada enjoys the cold and any snow it gets tonight and tomorrow. Besides, it will be good preparation for the city’s future membership in the National Hockey League.

Have a happy and snowy New Year, folks.