Spending the holidays watching sports; ticked that hockey is bumping bowl games on Canadian TV

The best part of the holidays for me is the multitude of sports that are on TV right now.

On Christmas Day we had a full day of the NBA. Then on Boxing Day we had the Barclay’s Premier League, followed by the usual Spengler Cup and World Junior Hockey action we expect on Boxing Day from TSN. Today is more of the same — more hockey on Canadian TV.

As well, there is the big Mac’s AAA midget hockey tourney going on in Calgary and a lot of local teams are playing there, and their audio is being streamed live at their website.

We are also deep into bowl season. I ought to be thrilled about this but I’m not.

Now I have to rant and rave again about “life in Canada.” My beef is that a lot of US bowl games are not getting shown in Canada.

Today is a perfect example — instead of seeing the Military Bowl feed from ESPN, TSN’s feeds are all hockey — World Juniors and the Spengler Cup. The World Junior game isn’t even a good matchup, either. It’s Sweden clobbering Denmark! And yet we’re getting that lousy game on four of TSN’s five feeds!

Seriously, guys, no room for the Military Bowl on even one channel? I gather we are in store for the same nonsense for the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium, too.

The same thing happened on Boxing Day to other ESPN bowl games, too, as they got bumped by hockey. A bowl game in Detroit involving North Carolina vs. Rutgers wasn’t even shown, which bugged me to no end because the Tarheels football program once produced a quarterback who went on to stardom with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That’s right, Darian Durant!

So we were deprived of a chance to see his former school play in a bowl game! Aaargh!

Thank goodness we get signals from CBS and ABC, otherwise we wouldn’t be watching the Sun Bowl or Independence Bowl either, today.

Stuff like this, plus our rapidly deteriorating cold weather situation in frozen Saskatchewan, almost makes me want to move to the USA. I know that apparently 80 percent of Canada missed out on a White Christmas this year, but not here. We’re truly getting shafted — by the weather, and by Canada’s TV networks!

I know these are minor bowl games and the final results aren’t life or death, but as a football fan in a football province, I want to at least have the option to see these games! At the very least, I want the option to watch something during my holidays that doesn’t remind me of winter – something hockey succeeds at only too well.