Count me in the camp that believes the #Santabomb talk is a bit too much hype

Social media is not doing the weather forecasting business any favours.

The real forecasters are out there trying to tell it like it is, yet too many folks on Twitter and elsewhere will hype up any potential storm and blow it out of proportion. Then people will read it and treat it as if it is Gospel and think Armageddon is coming. And then everyone ends up all disappointed when the storm turns out to be less than expected, and they turn around and blame the weather forecasters, even though the forecasters had nothing to do with it.

Take all this #Santabomb talk, for instance. That is supposed to be that massive system hitting eastern Canada and disrupting travel on Christmas Day. Suddenly, everyone hears about this Santabomb and they think it’s a certainty that a blizzard is coming, and that their travel plans will be ruined.

But I’ve read the real forecasts and they don’t point with any certainty to a blizzard at all, though they do predict a storm system that will produce a very messy couple of days at least. Likely a mixed precipitation event, from what I gather online.

Anyway, we’ll know more closer to the actual time, but for now, count me in the camp of people who thinks this #Santabomb is overhyped by the Twitterati. It won’t surprise me if all that happens is a bunch of the usual lousy winter weather out East that we have all come to expect, followed by a ton of complaining by disappointed storm-watchers on Twitter, again.