Alabama, Oregon, FSU and Ohio State picked for the Playoff; Baylor and TCU get the shaft

IMG_0492.PNGWell, as predicted by myself the College Football Playoff selections have produced the predictable big controversy.

Thanks to OSU’s 59-0 total demolition of Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game, they get in while Baylor and TCU are left out.

So even though TCU entered the weekend ranked third and won their game in a blowout, and did what they were supposed to do in becoming co-champs of the Big 12, they dropped all the way to sixth and now they’re out! This is why this system is a joke, the rankings seem to be made up on the fly from week to week. As for Baylor, they got the shaft all season long by the committee so it’s not surprising it happened again. Folks down in Texas are now screaming murder and the College Football Playoff selections are officially a scandal, just like the old BCS system was a scandal.

Well, that’s what you get when you have voters and committees deciding things and not head-to-head results on the field. Division 1-A College Football — still the one team sport where champions are chosen democratically!!!