College Football playoffs looking like a bigger farce than the BCS ever was

IMG_0492.PNGWe are now into conference championship weekend in the NCAA, and the battle for the four spots in the College Football Playoff are officially a joke. A 12-person committee will be watching all the critical games and my question is where do they get these people from? Off the street?!

Right now, the Florida State Seminoles enter this weekend as undefeated defending national champions — and yet this selection committee has them ranked fourth, behind No.1 Alabama, Oregon and TCU, all of whom have one loss.

Here’s what else makes no sense. TCU is in third place, but Baylor has the same record as they do at 10-1. Moreover, Baylor even played TCU and beat them! Yet even though they won head-to-head by a score of 61-58, this committee has Baylor in sixth, which would put them out. Honestly, this reeks of unfairness. Supposedly this committee follows things like strength-of-schedule and other criteria, but ignoring this result sends an attitude of “to heck with the results on the field, we’ll make our own decisions.”

And it could get worse based on this weekend. What if Florida State barely wins the ACC title game by one point and everyone else wins by big margins? What happens if Ohio State beats Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game by a one-sided margin — say, 52-0? Do the Buckeyes then leapfrog the Seminoles and possibly push them into fifth place and out of the playoffs completely, even though the Seminoles earned an undefeated season?! And what happens to TCU or Baylor?

Here’s another thought and it concerns the SEC title game between top-ranked Alabama and Missouri. Suppose Missouri wins?!

Really, it would not surprise me in the least if this selection committee then turns around and puts Alabama in the playoffs anyway, even with two losses and even as SEC runner-up! Heck, the old BCS committee one year put Alabama into a national title game with LSU even though LSU had beaten them to win the SEC, allowing Alabama a second chance to win — which is exactly what they did.

Yes, folks, that is how cynical I am about this whole setup! This playoff positioning and the rankings this week have turned this College Football Playoff race into a bigger joke than the Bowl Championship Series ever was. What a bunch of nonsense!