Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the “kickoff” of CFQC TV in Saskatoon

Today is the 60th anniversary of the first day on the air for CFQC TV in Saskatoon, now known as CTV Saskatoon. Here’s a story on the anniversary here. Oh, and it’s good to see longtime weatherman Greg Barnsley still alive and kicking, too.

Quite fittingly, the very first TV program to air to Saskatoon viewers was the Grey Cup Game. Yes, even then, Saskatchewan was a football-crazy province.

The game between Edmonton and Montreal was actually played a week earlier, but these were the days before satellites and the like. The film of the game was all ready to go, though, and CFQC got it on the air.

I managed to find highlights of that game on YouTube, so in tribute to CTV Saskatoon and to our CFL fans, here is a small portion of the exciting action that viewers in Saskatoon likely would have seen on TV that historic first day.