Better late than never! Monica Bellucci is going to be a Bond girl at last

The big announcement is that Spectre is the name of the new James Bond movie, but the even bigger news is that Monica Bellucci is going to be in the cast. At age 50, she will be the oldest Bond Girl ever, surpassing Honor Blackman from Goldfinger.

As an aside, the next Bond movie promises to have an absolutely babe-filled cast as Lea Seydoux is a Bond Girl as well. So that ought to placate those petty people out there who might complain about Monica being too old. Hey, you jokers, everyone gets old, so deal with it and quit your grouching.

I am thinking — instead of calling this movie Spectre the title ought to be Never Too Late, because this epic casting is a long time coming.


I wrote a piece about Bond girls at my blog in August 2004, shortly after it was announced that Pierce Brosnan was on his way out as Bond. There were ridiculous rumors at the time about Jessica Simpson being considered for a role in the next Bond movie, so I decided to air my thoughts on who I thought would be a good Bond Girl instead.

While still on the subject of James Bond, I’ve been thinking about who I’d really like to see as a Bond girl. And really, anyone but Jessica Simpson would do.

But I’ve been thinking, who would make a really good Bond girl? I’ve been thinking it over and I think I’ve finally come up with someone I think would be perfect, someone I’d really want to see.

Monica Bellucci.

She is a Bond girl waiting to happen.

Ten years later, it’s finally going to happen. Congrats, Monica, and thanks for making me look like a genius.