Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 title. Now it’s on to the offseason for auto racing fans.

The worst part about the end of the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL season last week is that I cannot tune in to auto racing anymore as “alternative programming.” The NASCAR season ended last week at the same time, and now the F1 season is done, too, with the win today by champion Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

As an aside, why is it that the F1 racetracks in places like Abu Dhabi, China, Singapore et. al. look so good on TV? These places look like they are loaded with money, just based on the racetracks. The tracks look like spaceports, practically — they spared absolutely no expense.

That’s what I like about F1 — its excessive opulence compared to these other second-class competitions out there.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to put my interest in fast cars on ice for the next while because that’s pretty much it for auto racing for 2014. Time for me to move on to all the other football full-time.