Be glad you aren’t in Buffalo — that place is buried in snow!!

The one thing I miss about life in southern Ontario — watching coverage of lake effect snowstorms on Buffalo TV.

Today, the place got totally buried in the white stuff — up to five feet of snow. Parts of western NY are under a state of emergency. Channel 2 from Buffalo has live coverage here. Channel 4 is here.

Gotta love the Polar Vortex, making life interesting for people. As an aside, the folks in Buffalo plan to go ahead with tonight’s Sharks-Sabres NHL matchup. I say why even bother? The Sabres are so bad they will probably lose anyway. They ought to spare these fans another defeat and cancel the game.

Of course, it is easy for me to laugh at Buffalo’s weather — but look where I live. It’s practically no different here than at the North Pole. We’ll get our own fair share of this same winter misery soon enough.