WSOP final three players going at it in Las Vegas tonight — could be a late night

The final table at the World Series of Poker main event is down to three players, and notably, none of them Americans. The remaining players are from, get this, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. And all of them are currently based in London, where online poker is legal. Let that be a lesson to you, USA, you can’t expect to stay good at poker for long if you refuse to let most of your citizens play online!

Story here. Also, live reporting is here.

Personally, I don’t think I can hack watching the entire final table all night, due to a cold that has me knocked out, so I’ll be heading to bed soon. I’ll probably end up sleeping through the winning hand.

As an aside, current conditions where I am are minus 11 Celsius. Current conditions in Las Vegas this evening: plus 19 Celsius.

Once again — why am I here?!? And that is my comment for now.

Update: Martin Jacobson from Sweden wins the Main Event and the grand prize of $10 million!