Two more Jian Ghomeshi story links, and that’s it, I promise you

After today I am hopefully done talking about Jian Ghomeshi. The guy’s name is officially mud now, and beyond that, I never listened to his show anyway. From the looks of it, even if I did tune in, I would have hated his CBC program and hated his whole political-correct worldview he had going. And of course, these allegations are terrible. In general, I’m very happy my taxes aren’t paying his fat salary anymore, and I am officially moving on from his train wreck.

Two links to give you: one is about a certain university that dissuaded its students from taking internships at “Q”, Ghomeshi’s show, over these stories about his conduct.

Turns out the university in question was MY university — the University of Western Ontario, where J-school students are mandated to do a month-long internship for credit. The names have changed since I was there, but still, I found that interesting.

Also, here is a piece about how Ghomeshi was blasted by, of all folks, Ed the Sock.

Ed did an epic Facebook rant on the allegations floating around about the tyrannical way Ghomeshi treated his underlings at work. Let me say — if even stripper-obsessed Ed the Sock finds you a deplorable human being, that says a lot.

Enough of this joker Ghomeshi, tonight is election night in the USA and I am more interested in that.