Election night tonight in the USA! Big night for political junkies like myself.

Well, two years have passed already and we are into the midterm elections for 2014, with US House, Senate and Governors races at stake. So yes, it is more political entertainment for yours truly to watch on a Tuesday evening.

I will particularly be watching the Senate races, with all these stories about a bad night for Democrats and a possible Republican takeover of the Senate. A gain of six seats for the GOP will be enough to do it. Already I notice GOP Mitch McConnell is leading in Kentucky in the Senate race there.

Also, I will be watching the governors races, with all these rumors about several incumbents possibly on the brink of being tossed out of office all over America. So I plan to do a running tally of the sitting governors who lose.

Well, what do you expect? This is what happens if you don’t create jobs and don’t stick to what’s really important to the constituents! Instead, it’s all the usual partisan nonsense they are getting down there, and that is not getting the job done. The voters look mad, and they should be. In my opinion, American politics and their whole system of government has completely gone to heck.

I also plan to follow the New Hampshire races since we were absolutely inundated by a bloodbath of New Hampshire attack ads on the Boston cable TV stations for the past month. I’ll want to see how Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown are doing in that Senate race.

Election coverage can be had at CNN, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, and ABC News. And there is coverage from Politico here.See you later.