On today’s NASCAR tilt: “I tuned in a WWE match and an auto race broke out!”

The end of today’s NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway proved too funny for words as Jeff Gordon, enraged at Brad Keselowski for slamming him and running him off the track, charged after him in the pits after the race ended and the result was one massive fight — one in which Kevin Harvick also got involved.

No wonder Gordon was mad! Until the final caution forced the green-white-checkered finish, Gordon had been leading, or almost leading, the race. Had he won, he would have advanced directly to the final 4 at Homestead, Florida in two weeks for the Sprint Cup title. But wrecking in Texas has put all that in jeopardy, and now there’s the real possibility NASCAR might dock him a lot of points over this brawl, which would totally screw him over.

This epic fight comes close on the heels of another fight that happened in Charlotte recently during the Chase, involving Keselowski and Matt Kenseth. And people thought that brawl was one of the worst they’d ever seen, until today.

So last year in NASCAR was the “Year of the Crooks” because of all the cheating and machinations that went on, and now this year is the “Year of the Fights.” Honestly, this is a joke. It may be entertaining, and it’s great that the new “Chase” playoff-style format has proved so hotly contested, but really, these guys are starting to look like pro wrestlers out there. They really do need to dial back on the WWE antics, otherwise they’ll have about as much credibility as them.

After writing all this, I forgot to mention that it was Jimmie Johnson who actually won the race. Since you’re asking, I can confirm that no, he didn’t get into any fights afterwards.