The Jian Ghomeshi scandal dominates the News from Nowhere

Welcome to a long overdue News from Nowhere. Now that the World Series is over I can finally turn to the real important news going on in the world.

Now that the election in Toronto is over, the media in Canada are head first into the Jian Ghomeshi scandal.

Things have really unravelled for the former CBC radio host, in a big way. Ever since that Facebook post surfaced with Ghomeshi defending himself, the floodgates have opened: at least nine women have now gone to the press accusing Ghomeshi of all kinds of violent sexual relations, sexual harassment and other activity, and allegations are flying this was non-consensual. Now, some of those women have finally gone to the police.

Suddenly, that “hasty” decision by the CBC last week to get rid of him doesn’t look like so dumb a move after all, does it?

Not only does the CBC want nothing more to do with him, but everyone from his crisis-management firm to his speaking-tour agency has dumped him, and his ex-bandmates at Moxy Fruvous are distancing themselves.

So everyone is dumping Ghomeshi all at once, but don’t worry — I’m sure there’s some criminal defence lawyer out there who will take him.

So much has happened on the Ghomeshi front that it has drowned out what is left of the stories from the Toronto mayor’s race that is now over.

Before I forget, here is a good piece from the National Post on how John Tory won. And here’s another one from the Globe and Mail.

As for outgoing Mayor Rob Ford, his cancer tumor has not shrunk and he will soon begin round three of chemo. Not good news. All in all, a sad end to his Mayoralty.

As for brother Doug, the Ontario PC rumors continue. Surely, the Ontario PC rank and file knows that making Doug their leader is a sure-fire ticket to third-party status, and they won’t put him in. But that probably won’t stop him from running and from getting a lot of votes anyway.

And in a last item from Doug’s mayors bid, the supporters clearly have taken defeat hard, with one video going viral with a woman comparing Doug’s defeat to ISIS coming to Toronto. That story here. Also, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned it on his show. Anyway, enough of ISIS and enough of the Fords.

There was other political news. Alberta had four byelections on Monday and the governing PCs won all of them, including electing new Premier Jim Prentice.

And if you haven’t had enough elections for one week, next Tuesday is also Election Day in the USA in their off-year elections, so that should be interesting. We’re hearing all kinds of rumors of a potential GOP takeover of the Senate, as well as all sorts of rumors of incumbents in trouble. According to this piece from Fox News a lot of governors are in some electoral trouble.

Other news: the big story yesterday was that Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash that has really set back Virgin’s space ambitions.

The CEO of Apple announced he is gay.

In Canada, Mountie killer Justin Bourque got 75 years.

Also this week Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was laid to rest.

Do you remember Terry Keenan, the business reporter who used to be on CNNfn, CNBC and Fox News? Sadly, she died last week.

And some bad news about hockey legend Gordie Howe, who suffered a stroke this past week.

In sports, San Francisco is toasting its world champ Giants.

Meanwhile, Kansas City has had a really bad week – not only did the Royals lose in Game 7, but their MLS Cup champions Sporting KC lost, too.

And Austin, Texas hosts the US Grand Prix this weekend. Despite rumors of boycotts, the race should go ahead, which is good because it’s one of the few F1 races this season which will be on at a reasonable hour in North America (and oh, by the way, the clocks change throughout much of the continent tomorrow.)

I guess I could add the usual Ebola stories we have come to expect, but I’d rather tune in to college football, so that will have to be it for now.