Guess what folks, we may not be done with the Fords; Doug thinking of PC leadership bid

I know the political reporters in Toronto are sad that the fun of the Rob Ford era as Mayor is ending, with the mayor’s race now over.

But fear not. For one thing, Rob won his council seat on Monday, which ensures council meetings will continue to be a lot more interesting there than in most communities in Canada, just by his presence.

Plus, brother Doug Ford has some time on his hands now with the mayor’s race over, and the word floating out there now is that he may, indeed, enter the Ontario PC leadership race!!

Doug Ford for premier?!

Wow, that would shake up what has been an otherwise dull race so far. And by the way, it would not be the first time a strong runner-up in the race for mayor of Toronto decided to run for provincial PC leader. In fact, the last one to try that actually wound up winning the leadership!

Don’t discount Ford’s chances or his potential ability to sell a lot of memberships and generate a lot of press for himself, and take the “stop the gravy train” message to provincial politics.

I suggest the Ontario reporters and political people who need some down time after this exhausting mayor’s race get their vacations out of the way fast. The circus will be back on, sooner than we think.