Mississippi State is Number One and on the cover of SI! Which means only one thing: they’re doomed

With major league baseball on hold for a few days until the World Series starts, that frees me up to watch college football all day today. Oh, I could do the Canadian thing and watch hockey, but I’ll leave that for another time since this new-look HNIC is so unwatchable. (George, wear a tie. Please.)

The big story in college football is that thanks to no shortage of upsets this season (such as during the first weekend in October), the field is now wide-open for non-traditional powers to contend. So entering this weekend Mississippi State Bulldogs are Number One for the first time in history, fresh off of beating Auburn last week in the SEC 38-23.

Meanwhile, their traditional rivals Ole Miss Rebels are right behind as Number 3, just behind Florida State.

This is quite something. The Rebels’ glory days were a long time ago, and Mississippi State is better known for its broadcast meteorology program than for its football. But here they both are, undefeated and at the top of the rankings.

As a result of this turn of events, both teams got the full Kate Upton treatment from Sports Illustrated and landed on the cover.

Which means only one thing: the cover curse. That’s right, folks, they’re doomed — as the sports guy at my paper pointed out to me this week.

And just to make sure, SI has put Mississippi State and its QB Dak Prescott on the cover again for thenext week.

I hope all of Mississippi enjoys their 15 minutes of fame in first place, because it can’t last now. All this national media attention will surely go to everyone’s heads. Thanks for nothing, SI.