New era of Hockey Night in Canada begins tonight

Yes indeed, the new era with Rogers in charge of the new-look, new-host Hockey Night in Canada begins tonight with NHL games tonight not just on CBC but on multiple channels all over the dial:

Tonight on CBC, it’s Pittsburgh at Toronto, followed by Edmonton at Vancouver.
On City, it is Montreal at Philadelphia.
On SN1, it is Ottawa at Tampa Bay.
On SN360, it is Calgary at St. Louis, followed by Winnipeg at San Jose.
And on FX Canada, of all places, it is Washington at Boston.
For more about the games, check this Sportsnet preview here.

Conspicuous by their absence from this lineup, though, is the main Sportsnet feed covering all the regions of Canada. “What the heck, why don’t they have on hockey?!” you are asking.

Here’s why: they are showing a baseball game. Not just any game, too, but it’s San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals. That’s right, the playoffs. Which, by the way, is probably a bigger deal to St. Louis folks than the game between the Blues and the Flames tonight.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to watch baseball or hockey. Either way, Rogers wins.

(Oh, and for those looking for “alternative programming”, TSN has the NASCAR race from Charlotte on one feed and a CFL game between Ottawa and BC on the other. This means while TSN will surely be crushed in the ratings across Canada tonight, they stand a chance of winning my household, at least.)