Went to The November Man. Truly, a spy movie for folks desperate for spy movies

I have not been here much this week. No worries, I was simply busy Monday and Tuesday on assignment, and then Wednesday I went to a movie.

I went to The November Man, mainly because I was worried that if I didn’t go soon that I would not be able to see it in theatres and I’d have to buy it on DVD instead.

I concluded pretty quickly this was a movie for spy movie fans who are desperate to see a spy movie — any spy movie. It was loaded with former washed-up James Bond movie actors — you had ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan as the spy, and then you had sexy ex-Bond girl Olga Kurylenko there too, playing the woman caught in the middle of all the mayhem.

You know what, I like Olga Kurylenko. I’ve decided if she isn’t one of my all-time favorite Bond girls, at least she is up there.


To sum up, this movie had all the usual trappings, with lots of scenes from Serbia to make it look like an exotic location for the espionage fans. And they threw in a few scenes set in Russia for good measure. So it was good to see all that, and Kurylenko was of course easy on the eyes, too. Still, apart from that it really was a ridiculous waste of two hours, with plenty of shooting and killing. It was basically one big death fest.

Anyway, this should be good for late-night viewing on TV somewhere for people. Now I am in the mood to waste this entire long weekend watching old Bond movies and reruns of Man from U.N.C.L.E.

I really do need to get out more to more movies, it definitely brightens my mood.