Lisa Desjardins gets new job at PBS and posts a video about it!!!

The job search of laid-off CNN political reporter Lisa Desjardins, who earned Internet fame when she posted that funny video about leaving CNN, has happily ended with a job at PBS News Hour!

Yes, indeed, folks at PBS not only are hip to what’s on YouTube but apparently have a sense of humor, too, about what they see on there. No doubt they were impressed by Lisa’s CNN exit video enough to take her on. Sure enough, she has also now posted another video announcing her latest job, as you can see below.

So her sad story has a happy ending. Which, hopefully, will serve as inspiration for some others in broadcast journalism going through tough times — such as the entire staff of that all-news radio station in Houston who were canned this week and replaced by, get this, an all-Beyoncé format. I am not joking, folks, this is for real.