A very rain-soaked and tragic F1 race in Japan

Well, after that 18-inning playoff baseball game yesterday, I decided I was not done watching sports on TV, so I stayed up late to watch the Formula 1 race from Japan live.

Like a scene out of the movie Rush, this race was completely rain-soaked due to the typhoon approaching the country. Conditions were so bad they had to red-flag it early on, and then when they re-started the race, the lousy weather was obviously not conducive to good racing, or for that matter good spectating. So this racing fan finally gave up in frustration and went to bed.

Unfortunately, the F1 teams and organizers didn’t give up. They probably should have, because there was a big wreck later in the race and racer Jules Bianchi was seriously injured with a head injury.

That incident marred the entire race and put an early end to the proceedings. The recap of the day here.

Now, just watch as the Americans once again do what they usually do, and use this incident as their big launching-pad to call for auto racing to be banned now, along with football. It wouldn’t surprise me.