I am a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. I guess that makes me a horrible human being.

It is bad stunts like the Edmonton Eskimos ads declaring Saskatchewan Roughriders fans to be “horrible human beings” that are dragging down the Canadian Football League. (This is in advance of tonight’s game in Edmonton where the Esks are hosting the Riders.)

It’s not only that, it’s stuff like the Riders themselves putting up billboards taunting the fans in the other teams’ cities, with “green is the new blue” slogans and other crap. In a way, the Riders deserve this comeback/comedown by the Eskimos, given their previous billboard arrogance and disrespect shown towards the other teams’ fans.

Still, it is exactly this sort of juvenility that is making the entire CFL look bush league compared to the other sports in Canada. No wonder people in Toronto, sophisticates that they are, aren’t going to CFL games if this is what they see. The folks in charge need to quit with these cheap gimmicks and realize that any fans coming to any of their games ought to be welcomed with open arms. This league needs all the business it can get — even if it comes from fans of the opposing team who travelled for miles to get to the games.

Here’s a suggestion — instead of these stupid cut-down-the-other-team’s-fans promotions, save your marketing money and give your own fans a break in the ticket prices instead. Then maybe more of them might show up, for a change!

There, I’ve said my piece for tonight.