This is a good day to stay updated on the latest weather warnings in Sask., folks

I am hiding out at home, checking out the weather conditions all over Saskatchewan on the Weather Network right now. I am also checking the Twitter feed and plan to tune in the storm chaser streams soon, There are already multiple severe weather watches and already some warnings all over Saskatchewan, and the current conditions can be found here.

Where I am it is quite dark-looking outside, but most of the really bad weather is to the south at the moment. But it is the very south of the province that is expecting a really bad storm situation. Last night, the southwest was hit really badly with a big storm that had baseball-sized hail! That is the last thing the farmers need. And keep in mind, only a short time ago the eastern half of the province was flooded. Anyway, that is what we are in for today in beautiful, Grey Cup-winning Saskatchewan.

Now, here’s a link to a story at Global Saskatoon about how bad the storm warnings have been in this province. Among other things, there weren’t any official storm warnings issued for those recent tornadoes that hit the province until it was too late, even though the storm chasers and all the TV weather forecasters around here were all predicting it and Tweeting about it.

Moreover, the Bethune radar broke down yet again this summer, right when it is most needed. (I understand it is now back up and running.) Really, this is ridiculous! We need a system in place here like they have in the ‘States, where all the resources are in place and people are given proper warning before the big tornado hits. This business of people having to go outside and look at the sky to guess what is going on is not good enough.

That’s it for now, back to live continuing Weather Network watching for me.