Oscar Pistorius trial: defence wraps it up today for better or worse

I’ve had fun reminiscing lately about the OJ Simpson trial, the Trial of the Century.

But that was last century. The Oscar Pistorius murder case in South Africa is the trial of this century, and the defence has wrapped up its case today.

And not a moment too soon, because it seems like the defence case has been unravelling fast.

Last week, it was determined Pistorius was not mentally ill at the time of the killing. Since then a controversial video turned up of Pistorius supposedly reenacting the killing, and topping it off, apparently some prospective defence witnesses refused to testify.

Anyway, with the defence now resting, the Pistorius case is now adjourned for a month yet again, with closing arguments to happen at that time.

What fun! Actually, ‘what tedium’ is more like it. This case has to be setting a world record in lengthy adjournments.