Keep your eye on the weather updates in SW Sask, tornado watches are in effect #skstorm

There have been some weather forecasts in the last 24 hours predicting possible supercell storms in southwest and south-central SK today. Apparently, the forecast is so bad that it has apparently even attracted famous storm chaser Reed Timmer here to SK again to chase tornadoes.

Whether this threat comes true is another story, entirely, as chasers have been wrong before.

Keep your eye on the storm chasers on Twitter at #skstorm and the live streaming action at TVNWeather and on Greg Johnson’s Tornado Hunter site later this afternoon. Also be sure to watch The Weather Network and stay tuned to Environment Canada.

Tornado Watches have now been issued for a good portion of the southwest including Swift Current and Moose Jaw, extending right to the US border. We’ll see if any of these become Warnings if storms develop. Keep in mind Watford City, ND got hit by a big tornado a couple of days ago, so be sure to take any weather threat today seriously.

Stay alert and stay alive today, folks.

Update: Well, we didn’t get tornadoes but there were big storms across Saskatchewan, and I notice Greg Johnson had to call for help to get his vehicle out of the mud. Hairy stuff.