Toronto mayor’s race week in review: can Rob Ford actually pull it off again?

I am still following the Toronto mayor’s race with interest from far away. Last night was a momentous one in the race as Mayor Rob Ford and brother Doug held their reelection campaign launch rally at the Toronto Congress Centre.

The event was being described as a “happening” and based on what I saw on the feed yesterday, lived up to the hype. It looked like the hall was filled with Ford Nation people, plus a few hecklers who you could hear yelling in the background the whole time Rob Ford was speaking. The whole thing was classic, with Ford entering the hall to Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor, and of course, he was sweating up there through the whole speech. Classic Ford.

Apparently even George Chuvalo was there to give his endorsement to Ford at the rally. Now here is the question I have. Why can’t municipal elections in Saskatchewan be this exciting? Don’t we have any boxers — or something to liven things up? Anyway, the atmosphere there sure looked electric, like it was a heavyweight fight. And then Ford exited the hall to the lyrics “We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore.”

And that makes me wonder — can Ford actually pull this off? After all these crack cocaine revelations? After all the videos out there of him? After the circus atmosphere at City Hall, and his being stripped of much of his powers by the council? After all the jokes and the pummelling by the late night comedians? It’s almost as if all of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes are helping Ford.

It also doesn’t seem to matter that his opponents are attacking Ford’s ethics and promising codes of conduct and the like. Ford Nation just does not seem to care about that. And if you want to know why Ford himself is still standing after all the pummelling he’s been through, look no further than his supporters. This campaign looks to be a “Ford Nation against the world” campaign, and that is going to have a lot of appeal with people in Toronto who will want to give the finger to City Hall and the city elites one more time.