Mad Men returns tonight for its final season on AMC — part one of it, anyway


The much-anticipated final season of Mad Men returns tonight to AMC and I surely plan to resume my Mad Men activities with retro commercials and other coverage here. We are in store for seven episodes this spring, followed by the final episodes in 2015.

The focus for Don Draper and crew will be on surviving what is sure to be the tense year of 1969 — notorious for being the Year the Sixties Died. Nixon took office, the Smothers Brothers were cancelled, and Sharon Tate was murdered.

But on the flip side it was also the year of Woodstock and the year men walked on the moon, and the year the Montreal Expos entered the National League, so it was not a total loss.

I am surely hoping for lots of “Tang” references and Woodstock stuff in this season. Maybe they will even throw in a reference to their clients pulling their ads from the Smothers Brothers. Maybe Draper will go to a Mets game, too. 1969 was an interesting year.

As I said, I will be running my retro commercials here, hopefully, from 1969. But this week I thought I would simply post the AMC Mad Men commercial that has been running lately, to give you a taste of what this coming season will be like. Enjoy.