My column in which I rant about my former life in Toronto is now up


In the wake of all of those bookstore closings and other things that triggered my recent feelings of nostalgia for life in Toronto, here is the column I wrote about it all.

As you can tell, I started out talking about how much I missed Toronto, but by the end I wind up reminding myself of all the downsides of daily life there that I do not miss in the least — the smog, the traffic, the costs of living, you name it. Toronto’s terrible!

Another thing I am not missing about Toronto — their lousy stinking embarrassing hockey team.

The pathetic Leafs could punch their ticket right into the 2014 Stanley Cup trashcan as early as tonight. If eliminated, they would be joining the equally stinking Canucks, who today fired their GM Mike Gillis. You remember him — he was the guy who traded all of Vancouver’s goaltenders. Who knows, maybe the Leafs will hire him.