Olivia Chow joins mayors race to take on Tory, Ford in Toronto

It is an interesting political day in Toronto as Olivia Chow has joined the mayors race. She has resigned her seat as an NDP MP and will officially launch her campaign for mayor tomorrow.

It sounds like she is lining up all the big back room boys in her corner — John Laschinger, Warren Kinsella, etc. Already, the fur has started to fly, with Chow already getting trashed by critics over allegations of using her parliamentary budget to boost her run for mayor. So much for any hope of a positive campaign in Toronto.

One guy welcoming Chow into the race is none other than Mayor Rob Ford. He called it the best news he heard all day.

In other news from Toronto, a big snowstorm hit today. Makes me glad I am here in sunny, thawing-out Saskatchewan.