Everyone in the USA is laughing at Canada (Justin Bieber, Rob Ford etc.)

I may have escaped much of what passes for life in Canada during my Vegas trip, but I didn’t escape NEWS from Canada — news of the latest antics of all the usual Canadians.

The big story on Las Vegas TV on the morning I left was that Justin Bieber had been arrested for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.

Another story that was fodder for all the late-night comedians again was more of the continuing Rob Ford saga in Toronto. Yet another video has emerged of the mayor, this time in a drunken rant using Jamaican swear words.

I noticed the comics had fun over Ford calling this a setback, and over the footage of Ford trying to barrel through a herd of media to his office. All in all, it was yet another bad week for Ford. These weeks are really adding up.

Finally in news from Canada, all the sports people from ESPN and elsewhere were showing the footage of the brawl in that Vancouver-Calgary game from last Saturday that got John Tortorella suspended for his antics, which included yelling and screaming at coach Bob Hartley and the Flames players. And these commentators were all blasting away at Tortorella and calling it yet another embarrassment for the NHL. 

Who said Americans don’t care about Canada or Canadians? Still, you have to think people in the USA are getting the impression that Canada is full of idiots. Seriously, these stories about these three are embarrassing the entire country.