I am currently sitting at home watching college bowl games on TV. Yes, the bowl games have started and the full list of games and times can be found here.

I know that a lot of these sports people in the USA like to rant and rave about how meaningless bowl games are and how nobody cares about them, but I actually look forward to them all. They’re a fun part of the holiday season for me, and I enjoy having more football on TV to be able to watch.

As a total aside — I must say that the move towards naming these bowl games after one sponsor after another is confusing to no end. BEEF ‘O’ BRADY’S BOWL! LITTLE CAESARS BOWL! FIGHT HUNGER BOWL! The AdvoCare V100 BOWL!

There’s something called the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and take a wild guess where that is. That’s right — it’s not in Buffalo! Instead it’s in Tempe, Arizona! Meanwhile, the Fiesta Bowl, which used to be played at that very same stadium, is being played now in Glendale. Even more confusing is that the Cotton Bowl is being played not at the Cotton Bowl, but at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. The game that is being played at the Cotton Bowl is something called the Heart of Dallas Bowl. And so on.

Even more confusing is there are now bowl games played in such locales such as Boise, Idaho and even New York City. It used to be that getting to a bowl game was meant to be a reward for a great season, so you got to play in some sunny locale somewhere. Some reward this is, folks, playing out in the ice and cold!

Anyway, welcome to bowl season.