People are still having a hard time getting their heads around this massive Moore, Oklahoma tornado that killed 24 people Monday.

In retrospect, it is amazing the death toll isn’t higher than it is considering the scale of the carnage there, with entire neighbourhoods completely flattened. It’s confirmed now that the tornado was an EF-5, the highest possible ranking.

A lot of people are comparing the damage to what happened to Joplin, Missouri two years ago. The place looks like an atomic bomb hit it when you are watching on TV, and yet the death toll is as low as it is.

I think that goes to show you how aware people are in Oklahoma about tornadoes and about how well the information got out to residents about the storm. When I tuned into the storm coverage from the Oklahoma City TV stations on the Internet on Monday, they were telling people exactly which streets the funnel cloud was moving toward and telling people exactly what they had to do. One weather guy on the air was telling people they were going to die if they stayed anywhere above ground in the path of this monster storm. So people made sure they were out of the way. Information went a long way towards saving lives down there.

On the other hand — apparently there still are homes there that do not even have storm shelters. Good grief, man, this ought to be a basic requirement everywhere in Oklahoma and in Kansas, too! This is the heartland of Tornado Alley, the place that’s always targeted and hit by them! It’s harrowing enough to live somewhere that is always hit by EF-5 tornadoes, but it’s crazy and stupid if you don’t build storm shelters to save peoples’ lives. I’m with the mayor of Moore who says every new home built there should require a storm shelter by law. It just makes for basic common sense.  

That is enough writing from me about tornadoes. I’m sick of them, and I hope this is the end of them for a few days, at least.