Yesterday was an interesting one in western Kansas as some tornadoes were spotted landing on the ground. Apparently, that is the warmup act to today’s expected big event.

The predictions are for a high possibility of tornadoes over a wide area that includes central Oklahoma and eastern Kansas.

The forecasters also are openly speculating whether Iowa’s almost year-long tornado-free streak will come to an end this weekend. These weather people sound like baseball announcers — with all this talk about “streaks” and “records’! Methinks they could be in the wrong line of work.

Anyway, while Iowa is not out of the woods by any means, most of the tornado chasers have targeted our favorite Tornado Alley states Oklahoma and Kansas today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bad day, too, with the threat moving east.

You can find all the storm chasers’ live stream efforts at TVN Weather, at Chaser TV, and at Greg Johnson’s site.

As for TV, you can find the Weather Channel live stream page here. I notice they had some live video from their own storm chasers up there yesterday.

Also, here are links to live streams of local TV news in Tornado AlleyChannel 4 KFOR and FOX 25 in Oklahoma City, NBC Channel 2 in Tulsa, and FOX 4 in Kansas City. Be ready just in case, folks.

UPDATE: TORNADO WARNING to the SW of Wichita, KS. Live stream from CBS Wichita can be found here.