It has been a crazy few days of news out of Los Angeles as the community there has been transfixed by the story of this crazed rogue ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who became the most wanted man in America because of a number of shootings and three killings in southern California, including killing a cop.

These shootings were apparently the talk of the Grammy Awards and hung over those awards like a dark cloud, from what I gathered. The Grammys ended up getting extra security because of worries about Dorner being on the loose.

The case sparked a huge manhunt. Now, after today’s events which included a gunfight where one deputy was shot and another killed, Dorner was tracked down to a place called Big Bear Lake and a cabin near there.

Now there are stories circulating that Dorner was found dead in this burning cabin, but just in the past several minutes officials from the LAPD and from San Bernardino police are disputing those claims.  So at the moment we don’t know whether Dorner is alive or dead. This crazy, sad story could be over, or it might not be.

I arrived late to this story, so I’m in the middle of catching up on what has been going on with this case and all its twists and turns. A rundown of what has been happening can be found here at CNN. Also, the live stream is on now at 

Also, I found this good timeline of what’s happened with this story at Fox 11 from LA.