This is a big week for leadership contests in Canada, including here in Saskatchewan, where the four hopefuls vying for the NDP leadership continue to campaign.

Tomorrow night, they are to be in North Battleford for an all-candidates forum, one of many they have been holding around the province in the runup to the March vote in Saskatoon.

I plan to be there at the event tomorrow, but I thought I would link first to the articles I have written profiling the candidates during their campaign tours up here in the northwest region.

My story on Trent Wotherspoon is here, the one on Cam Broten is here, and the Ryan Meili story is here. Also, I am scheduled to interview Erin Weir soon as well, so once that is posted I’ll link to it as well.


As well, the federal Liberals have their leadership race going and hosted their first all-candidates debate over the weekend from Vancouver. The only candidate I’ve interviewed from that race so far is Deborah Coyne from when she came through Saskatchewan a while ago, and you can find that article here.

At the time I wrote that piece, I noted there were about a dozen hopefuls who claimed to be running. I notice the field has shrunk considerably since then down to, ahem, nine people.


I should note also that the Ontario Liberals are due to hold their convention this weekend to choose a new premier in Ontario — quite possibly a female one  like in much of the rest of Canada. I should certainly tune into that race, because usually the Liberal leadership conventions there are pretty interesting. In fact, the last one they held was way back in 1996, and that didn’t finish until something like five in the morning. 

I mention all this here simply as a reminder to myself to tune in to the voting sometime on Saturday — otherwise I might miss the whole thing.