I am continuing to tune in to the live streams of Hurricane Sandy, now dubbed Superstorm Sandy because it is turning into a combined hurricane/Nor’easter. Already it is wreaking havoc. There was a construction crane in New York City that collapsed on its side, and there are reports of flooding all over Atlantic City and other places in New Jersey. Now, reports are the 911 lines are jammed, and the latest report now from CNN is that there’s flooding in the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

This is terrible! I’m sorry I even suggested in my previous post that it was good that other places were getting terrible weather, just like we were. The fact is this is far worse than what we’ve gotten. Last week, we got tons of snow which caused trucks to roll over right into the ditch on the highways. The ice and snow is still on the ground here, but our terrible weather looks good compared to what the East Coast is getting right now.

What a mess. This is going to be very expensive to clean up.