Things seem to be going from bad to worse in my former home city of Toronto.

The latest gun violence happened last night at a block party in east Scarborough on Danzig Street, where someone opened fire and shot 23 people, and killed two young persons.

Just like the shooting at the Eaton Centre earlier this year, there is shock and outrage — though Michele Mandel wonders where the outrage is from the chief of police. Sue-Ann Levy is calling for anti-gun leadership  while Lorrie Goldstein is calling for action on gun crime. Mike Strobel wants the violence stopped before Toronto gets Tijuana’s rep. Boy, the concern over this violence is overflowing from the folks at the Sun today.

I’ve seen all the clips of Mayor Rob Ford saying Toronto is a safe city. Well, the mayor can say that all he wants, but it is going to take a lot more than words before Toronto residents believe the place is safe these days. Toronto is rapidly turning into a city where people are afraid to walk down the streets. The gang violence and gun violence there needs to be stopped, right now, before something even worse happens than what went on last night.