I’m a really big fan of sexy movie actress Amber Heard. Among other things, she knows exactly what her male fans want to see. For one thing, guys love her because of the multitude of scenes she’s been in where she’s done away with her clothes ( ie: The Informers). In her latest movie, though, it’s the clothes she is wearing that will get the guys excited.
This weekend Amber is in 3D in the movie Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage. It sounds like a really outrageous action movie, loaded with sex and violence. In the movie Amber dons the sexy Daisy Duke shorts and has some good action scenes in the movie, including one where she gets into a fistfight with a woman who, ahem, isn’t wearing anything.
Amber’s also been cast in the upcoming NBC TV show Playboy, set in the Playboy clubs of the Sixties, which means she’s soon be wearing a bunny suit. That’s fun, but I like the denim shorts. All in all, I gotta check out Drive Angry. it sounds like a hoot.
Unfortunately, it already looks as if it will bomb bigtime at the box office and lose out to the Farelly Brothers’ effort Hall Pass. Well, at least I should be able to get a good seat at the theater.

Here’s a lengthy piece in New York magazine where they interview Amber on Drive Angry, Playboy, Daisy Dukes and other things. Enjoy.