I have Naomi Watts on the brain this weekend because she has a new movie out called Funny Games. Now, granted, film critic Jeffrey Lyons called it the worst movie he had seen in years on his show the other day— but still, Naomi was in it. So I thought I would post a ton of Naomi stuff here; basically, everything Naomi.

The reason is easy: I am a big fan of this actress and think she’s the greatest.

I have to be careful. Usually when I write about some famous movie actress, my libido will get in the way and I’ll start drooling in print. I can’t help it, though. Other guys go crazy over hockey players and football players; I go crazy over actresses. I will try and focus on her talent, which is considerable. I gotta say, Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood.

The big reason I like her is that usually the movies Naomi appears in are really, really good. Some actors and actresses just have the knack for appearing in quality stuff, whether it’s John Travolta or Tom Cruise, or other people. Naomi Watts has that knack for picking really good scripts to appear in– unlike, say, Jessica Alba. Watts has appeared in 21 Grams, and King Kong — movies like that. Now, I can’t give an explanation why Funny Games turned out a dud. I guess you can’t win them all.

Also, I find it interesting that she’s had quite the range on on-screen significant others, whether it be oversized chimps (Kong), or, ahem, girls (Laura Harring in Mulholland Dr.).

Of course, the best thing about Naomi is the fact that she isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in her performances. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a drug movie like 21 Grams, or something like I Heart Huckabees, or Eastern Promises. She’s known for taking on dark roles in movies that will give you nightmares.

I loved Naomi’s performance in Mulholland Dr.; she just had that winsome, wide-eyed innocent look about her in that flick. “Plucky” is the best word to describe it. A lot of people were comparing her to Doris Day or Sandra Dee or someone like that. She seemed like the girl next door, but then she’d turn around and shock the audience by sexing it up with Laura Harring. That was her best performance, bar none, although I think she made a very worthy girlfriend for King Kong as well, playing Ann Darrow. She looked like she was having a lot of fun in that role.

Anyway, that’s my screed on Naomi Watts, and since she had a movie out I thought I’d put up a post declaring my unrestrained enthusiasm for this gorgeous movie star. Who cares about Scarlett or Cate when Naomi is the real deal.

Now here’s plenty more info for you Naomi fans out there.

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That’s all for now. (Yes, this blog has turned into MAXIM Magazine again.)