I saw Jeffrey Lyons and Alison Bailes (of Independent Film Channel fame) attempt to do a film critic TV show this weekend. It’s called Reel Talk and the FOX affiliate from across the border was showing it this afternoon, and I provided a link to the show’s blog. I dunno if I like the show. It’s okay, I guess, but I question some of their movie picks, and frankly, this show is not Siskel and Ebert. Then again, nothing is Siskel and Ebert these days — certainly not the show I call At the Movies with Roeper and no Ebert. (Which, by the way, made a deal this week to get shown on ReelzChannel in addition to its syndicated run.)

Lyons, of course, used to do that Sneak Previews show on PBS after Siskel and Ebert left, and well, anyway, he was no Siskel or Ebert. Neither was Michael Medved, who, as you know, is a fire-breathing conservative movie critic.

When are we ever again going to get a movie review show that spills some blood?! The problem with this Reel Talk show is Lyons and Bailes are too nice to each other. And it’s hard not to like Bailes, she’s quite easy on the eyes and I like her cute British accent. (There I go again…) If I were Lyons, I wouldn’t go after Bailes either, she seems like a nice person.

But when the heck are we going to see critics go after one another like it’s the WWE? Not likely, it seems. Check out the good old days of Siskel and Ebert when they got into fierce arguments about movies like Eddie Murphy RAW. Now, that was TV.