Oh, to heck with that, I want to talk about girls.

THIS BLOG IS TURNING INTO AN IMITATION OF MAXIM MAGAZINE. You know, I am really getting to be quite girl-obsessed on this blog – what with my posts about Erin Burnett, Erin Esurance, basically anyone named Erin. I’ve also posted on Sienna Miller, and been posting photos of cheerleaders and drooling over women who are posing for Playboy (ie. former Miss Universe Alicia Machado).

Basically, I go crazy over these Playboy babes (esp. the Playmates), the Dallas cheerleaders and the Miss Universe winners. That’s who I go crazy for the most. I just think there’s something magical about a woman who is a Miss Universe or a beauty pageant winner. I also think there’s also something really special about a woman who wears a pro-cheerleader outfit on the sidelines, kicking it up in those boots. Those uniforms the cheerleaders wear are soooooo cute.

Like I say, I need to look into these speed-dating things or something like that, just to get my mind off of women.

Some news about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to pass along. Apparently they aren’t just putting out a swimsuit calendar like they always do for 2008. Now they are planning a calendar where you get to see these women on the sidelines in their famous cheerleader uniforms. I think this is great news. These women are much sexier in their uniforms than in any swimsuit.

Anyway, for my amusement I’ve decided to post some more pictures of those hot, bare-midriffed Texans from Dallas.

I wonder if any of these Dallas cheerleaders are named Erin. Wouldn’t surprise me.

(That does it, I have to put a stop to this. No more girls on this blog.)