Well, let me start out by saying that this Sunday’s Apprentice 6 show was a big improvement from what we’ve seen from this piece-of-junk series the past two seasons.

They got rid of the stupid gimmicks, finally, and put an end to these candidates sleeping in tents, and got rid of the stupid, lame-o, chimpanzee fast food-type tasks from LA. Plus, they got rid of that stupid, contrived, phony Tim and Nicole romance story line. Good riddance t0 all that. That’s why this show ended up being a big improvement

Besides, they made these candidates do a real presentation, for a change. They had candidates sent to Las Vegas to focus on a sales and marketing task to sell and promote one of Donald Trump’s Las Vegas properties. And it turned into an entertaining episode with two teams embarrassing themselves with outrageously bad presentations, and Trump went totally ballistic up there. He seemed ready to fire a lot of people. In fact it was really exciting to watch. It was actually a pretty good episode for a change.

But in the end the show kind of had a letdown when Trump chickened out and only fired two of the six people. Heidi and Kristine, a.k.a. the “two hotties”, both got the boot. I noticed a lot of the fans at Television Without Pity were quite thrilled to see Heidi go. Everyone thought she was a big fraud who did nothing all season and there was a lot of resentment of this supposedly “big star” winning all the time. And in fact I thought she was a big fraud anyway because of her acting background and so on. Anyway, she blew it producing ugly-looking marketing brochures and now she’s gone.

As for Kristine, she made a colossal blunder. She put the wrong number of the Trump organization on one of her team’s brochures and was reamed out for it, and was fired before she was even given much of a chance to defend herself. In a way I feel for her, because she had to do all the work while her partner Nicole was sleeping on the job and doing nothing. So the overworked Kristine paid the price for her own team’s lack of cohesion by blowing it and putting on the brochure the wrong number, and she was made to feel really small on TV. Trump absolutely bellowed “you’re fired” at her. He looked like Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons, or Mr. Slate from The Flintstones. Yoooooou’re fired!!!

It’s too bad for Kristine. I know she was made to look like she was a bit of a scheming you-know-what on the show, but she was competent most of the time. Not this night.

I have a question. Why the heck didn’t Trump fire more people? The teams were divided into three teams of two, and of the three, both Heidi and Frank did the worst job of all. Their presentation sucked, but I guess Trump had sympathy for this guy Frank and what he put up with from Heidi. It’s obvious to me that the only reason Frank is still here is because he has been on fire in the boardroom. Frank was almost fired during the first episode but managed to give Martin the knife, and then last week Frank survived again, scolding Tim in the boardroom by calling him “wet behind the ears.” Priceless. This week, he allowed Heidi to basically bury herself and implode. Nice going, Frank. But I find it hard to believe you’re going to win this thing. Frank may work hard, but he clearly isn’t rising to the top with this group of people. He should just be put out of his misery and let go.

As for Nicole, I have a simple question. Why is this complete loser still here?

She’s been a disaster, sleeping on the job and creating havoc and so on. And that presentation she was a part of was embarrassing to say the least. Their video couldn’t get loaded up and started on time, and Trump was cranky and saying what a disaster it was. He was right! I gotta say, I have never seen such an embarrassing performance like this from anyone on television, and Nicole was part of it and should have been called out for it. And here’s another question I have. What the heck did that fool Tim see in her? It’s obvious to me she is no good for him. She’s not even good-looking as far as I can tell. But anyway, I digress. On and off the job, Nicole is a loser. Yet she’s still there, the comedy relief of this embarrassing show on NBC.

Really, I would have gone nuts if I were Trump and I would have ended this charade and dumped four people on the street, because this was EMBARRASSING. I mean, really, where did they get these people, off the street? I know where they got Heidi, the casting couch, but where the heck did they round up the rest of these duds!? This is supposed to be the best and the brightest, the most competent people out there. Yet they embarrass themselves and the Trump organization like this? On national television!!?

You know, this may well be the best episode of the season, but this show is still a parody of itself in a lot of ways.