You know, I really am done with this Tara Conner drinking/partying/girl-kissing story. I am sick and tired of Miss USA, and I am finished with Donald Trump. But Trump isn’t finished with us.

Now he’s planning on suing Rosie O’Donnell because Rosie went hog wild on The View on Miss USA.

Rosie said the Donald had no right to be a “moral compass” on Miss USA and claimed the Donald went bankrupt. He called the Donald a hypocrite and trashed Trump because of all the women he went through! Now Trump wants to sue her because, among other things, the Donald never did go completely bankrupt. The Donald is now very busy trashing Rosie in the press. You can read all about it. I saw the Donald on TV calling Rosie all kinds of names, calling Rosie fat. Actually, I think the precise words were “fat @$$”. His remarks were absolutely disparaging and pretty funny actually.

Tonight he’s gonna go on Larry King to trash Rosie some more. What a bunch of nonsense.

You know, people are now saying that what happened this week was nothing more than the Donald playing the press for his own benefit, that it was all a big publicity stunt. They are saying Tara’s eviction from her apartment and all the leaks about her partying and kissing girls and all that were all part of the “grand design” by Trump to lure the press in. It was all designed to create publicity for the pageant during a boring time of year, and also to promote Trump’s upcoming TV show on NBC! They are saying this whole week was all staged!

If that was the idea all along (and I wouldn’t be surprised) to manufacture this whole “second chance” bull$#!t, it’s really a strange way to get publicity for the Miss USA pageant. Because the press this week has been nothing but bad! Miss USA Tara Conner is now the most famous underage drinker in the United States of America. She reminds me of those wild ex-Carolina Panthers cheerleaders; remember them? They made out in the washrooms and then got into a fight and got arrested!! Tara looks as crazy as those two babes. You really think it was good for the Miss USA pageant to see Tara crying on national TV? This week was pathetic, ladies and gentleman. They could have put Tara into rehab LAST week and saved themselves all this press, because this whole week of fanning the flames did NOTHING for the pageant.

To top it all off, people are fed up with Trump’s stupid feuds with people. He had that idiotic feud with Martha Stewart last year and all that did was turn people off of Trump’s Apprentice show! Now people are going to turn off Miss USA, too!

I think it’s the Donald who looks out of control. What did Trump expect Rosie O’Donnell to say about this Miss USA mess? That this is good for the pageant?! To say nice things about him? He should forget it. Who cares about those fools on The View— they whine about everyone, those mean women! The Donald may love publicity, but I’m of the view that there is such a thing as bad publicity, and the Donald needs to dial it back a bit. Reporters are seeing through these “publicity stunts” and “feuds”! People are thinking the Donald is too thin-skinned and too full of himself.

Donald Trump needs to stay off the TV screens a little bit—- he’s beginning to look too much like Tom Cruise in the eyes of the public.