Deal or No Deal won its time slot on NBC the last two nights; question now is whether it has staying power. Weakest Link sure didn’t. It got good early numbers in the USA but people got fed up with the cranky host Anne Robinson in a hurry, and it soon reverted to all-star contestants every week.

I think NBC learned its lesson from ABC’s overkill of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which was aired practically every night and which soon turned off the audience. I don’t think this show will be seen every night, but it will definitely be back. By the way, Deal or No Deal is actually a Dutch show in origin and was originally produced by the same people who thought up Big Brother. This show also airs in places like Italy, France, India, you name it.

One factor in its success will undoubtedly be the babes with the suitcases. I predict these women are going to become really popular. Back in the 1980s when Vanna White became the letter-turner for Wheel of Fortune, America fell in love with her and went nuts over her. And who can forget the famous Barker’s Beauties from the Price is Right Janice and Dian and the rest of them. These women wound up with tons of, ahem, admirers. Guys tuned in to this silly game show for years, just to see Barker’s Beauties.

But this isn’t just 3 or 4 models on Deal or No Deal— this is 26! This pretty much has Barker’s Beauties all beat. If this show lasts any length of time, these women with the suitcases are going to be famous. They’ll be as big as Barker’s Beauties, the Playboy Bunnies, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Laker Girls, the Golddiggers (Dean Martin Show), the Pussycat Dolls, the Fly Girls (In Living Color), Bond Girls, Hooters Girls, Baywatch Babes, and other famous troupes of talented women.

Expect a spread in MAXIM, soon. (I know, I know, all men are pigs.)