Well, I was going to provide wall-to-wall Tory convention coverage but I realize now that covering this convention is a joke. Nobody else seems to be into covering this thing except for maybe Adam Daifallah. He had something to say about the party proposing to start a youth wing. I went over to the Western Standard’s Shotgun and all they had was some blurb by Ezra Levant bragging about his hospitality suite; I’m hoping they will maybe chime in with some more stuff later.

Maybe will as well, but as of this moment they had nothing much to say over there either. Instead these right-wingers were talking about happenings in the United States. The guy over at the Meatriarchy was saying that some big deal in the blogging community got arrested and strip-searched by border officials in the United States, just for being a blogger.

Well, you know, I am beginning to think this blogging stuff is more trouble than it’s worth. Bloggers are being made out to be these wingnut political-types who live in basements, and they’re seen now as general troublemakers, and I’ve heard of bloggers getting fired from their jobs. I’ve got a media background and it’s pretty much accepted that it’s cool for media people to have blogs and post their editorial opinions, so I’m not so worried about that. I don’t want to be seen as some sick “blogger” who’s obsessed with politics. I don’t want to be associated with these wingnut types who bring down network TV anchors and media executives, I want nothing to do with them. The only reason I still blog is for laughs these days. I’m just doing this to keep my hand in writing and to occasionally chronicle my experiences at political events. Sort of “gonzo journalism” a la Hunter S. Thompson. I’m at a victory party in Orangeville eating free food, woo hoo.

Back to this convention. The only other media outlet in the country devoting any sizable coverage to this CPC convention thing seems to be the National Post. Otherwise, it’s getting the attention of basically no one beyond the usual policy wonks and no-lives people. Whenever the odd story is posted in the mainstream press it’s always bad news, like Peter MacKay being hopping mad over what happened behind closed doors today — this motion by Scott Reid to change the leadership erules away from weighting the ridings equally to an every-vote-counts situation. MacKay is being quoted as saying this threatens the future of the party, but the fact is that I think he’s blowing a lot of smoke and trying to make sure this resolution Scott Reid cooked up gets defeated tomorrow on the convention floor. CTV News is making this party look bad, but really, the party has no one to blame for this but itself, and in particular Scott Reid. What a way to begin a convention. These ex-Alliance types seem hell-bent on getting this whole party defeated.

As for me, my effort at covering this convention is a joke. It consists of me sitting at home watching CPAC coverage from a computer screen. So it’s complete lame-o coverage, and the only reason I’m doing it is because I have nothing better to do, the cartoons haven’t started yet.

The one thing I read on the National Post front page today was a blurb that said Rob Reiner, Hollywood director and big loud liberal, was being touted as a potential candidate to go up against Schwarzenegger. Imagine that: Meathead versus The Terminator. The thing is that right now Arnold’s approval ratings are through the roof. And Rob Reiner is no Ahhhhnold; in fact, he seems kind of unlikable and obnoxious. This could be a case of Arnold turning Meathead into Mincemeat.

See, told you I’m doing this blog for laughs. Meathead turned to Mincemeat, now that’s a good one.